Patrick Day


Thursday, October 23rd, 2014


Gary Wilkerson, the son of David Wilkerson, wrote these words in an August issue of World Challenge.

“Lately, I’ve discovered that the things in life most important to me are the ones I can do nothing about. For instance, even if I summon all my strength, power, and resources, I can’t bring back one of my children, who is a prodigal. There isn’t anything in my being that can accomplish his return to the Lord.”

Gary went on to say that he prayed for him, fasted for days, shared the Bible with him, and cried out his name to Jesus each night. And yet there was no relief – until God answered his prayer in His own time. Later, Gary reported that his son miraculously returned to the Lord, not because of anything he did but because the Holy Spirit took care of the matter.


One Response to “GARY’S PRODIGAL SON”

  1. Robert Farquhar Says:

    I do believe however, that this father’s prayers were critical to the Holy Spirit’s intervention. But it is the Holy Spirit that does that which we cannot do.

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