Patrick Day


Tuesday, October 28th, 2014

Beverly was confused about what dying-to-self really meant. Her Christian friends and several pastors over the years declared how important this was but gave few specifics. The thought of giving up all she held dear was too much for her.
One morning, as she was praying in her home office, the Holy Spirit put thoughts in her mind that she expressed with the following words:
“It’s not just me, Lord, and not just You.
It’s WE, with more of You and less of me.
Dying-to-self is not obliteration of all I hold dear, but a change in ownership. You become the Landlord and I the worker in Your field.”

One Response to “WE”

  1. Robert Farquhar Says:

    For the best results, I like to think about the fact that I am in a partnership with God….the challenge for me is to remember the fact that the Holy Spirit is the “Managing” Partner…. NOT me.

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