Patrick Day


Tuesday, December 9th, 2014


Clarence St. John likes to make points through illustrations. Here’s one of them.

Consider that all people are on a 20-point scale with the worst being a -10 and the best being a +10. Wherever you find someone on that scale, you can do them a great service by just bumping them up a notch.

Do you have any stories about bumping someone up a notch. Tell it to all of us by means of the comment button. Or send me an email at and I may turn your story into a future posting. Don’t worry about making it “just so.” I can take care of that.


One Response to “BUMP THEM UP”

  1. Bob C. Says:

    The first person who came to mind is a teacher with whom I work. As headmaster of a Christian school, an encouraging nudge from time to time does me good. Michael is one such example of a man with whom I talk frequently, and every time he and I discuss something, he consistently has an encouraging word or observation about my style of leadership. It’s not done in the interest of “puffing me up.” It’s delivered in such a way as to remind me of why I’m here…why I do what I do. At the same time, it drives me to improve my work and the influence I have on those whom I represent as an administrator. Interestingly, Michael spends a lot of time in Proverbs. Seems God’s book of psychology is having an impact – on both of us.

    Bless the Lord.

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