Patrick Day


Tuesday, December 16th, 2014


My friend Paddy told about his bumping a neighbor up a notch to start him on the path to Christ. “The greatest obstacle this guy has, Pat, is that he thinks creation happened by chance, and with that viewpoint, how can He believe in Christ the Creator.

“So I asked him a question. ‘Does it make sense to you that impersonal forces created something out of nothing, that matter re-arranged itself by chance?’

“He looked at me and said nothing.

“I asked him another question. ‘Might it make more sense, perhaps, that there was an intelligent design behind what we see, however it happened?’ I didn’t want to get into evolution, young or old world, or anything else that would complicate the matter.

“This time Jack answered me. ‘You’re saying it’s a question of which came first – matter or mind? That’s interesting. I’ll have to think it over.’”

Paddy had just bumped Jack up a notch.

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