Patrick Day


Tuesday, August 18th, 2015


I’m writing a book entitled The Melody of the Holy Spirit, a story about Paul Chambers and his quest over a period of 30 years to have more of God in his life more of the time. It was a matter of focus for him, as well as it is for all of us. What do we think of when we first get up in the morning? The many things we have to do that day or what God wants us to do? Whom do we remember and whom do we forget during the day?

This is what it came down to for Paul. “During the last decade of his life, he forgot himself. At first it was a conscious effort, as he intended it to be, but in the end it was ingrained in his soul. He was sold out to his Maker.”

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  1. Anne Pace Says:

    Pat, just wanted to let you know that I read your blog each time it is sent out and really enjoy it. Sarah Meade mentioned, recently, that she, too, reads and enjoys it. My two favorites are the one about the day you followed Alice around- insisting on having her way with things- as is human nature without God at the center of things and the one of blind Ossi having to rely on you to guide him- obvious theme with the unique perspective of a dog as central character. Thanks for sharing. Hope all goes smoothly with the book. Anne.

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