Patrick Day


Friday, August 21st, 2015


My oldest son and his wife have given my wife and I two wonderful grandchildren. The oldest one is a 23-month-old named Alexis. She is a vibrant little girl who is bent on having her own way. Her favorite words are Mine which she proclaims with great emphasis and No which she belts out in defiance when confronted with a command she doesn’t joyfully embrace, such as “Please eat the rest of your food, Alexis.”

Baby Grayson, on the other hand, is a 3-month-old who is totally dependent on Mommy and Daddy and Nanny and Grampa to provide for all his needs. He is a docile little thing who does, however, let everyone know when a particular need is not being met.

In a spiritual sense, I find myself somewhere between Alexis and Grayson. There are times I’m defiant and want things to go my way – demanding my rights, for example, in a dispute with my wife, or wanting people to cater to my likes and dislikes when it comes to choosing a restaurant for dinner. And there are other times I depend on God, like Baby Grayson, and let Him take care of all my needs. I know God loves Alexis and Grayson just the way they are as they work their way up to becoming His children. But I think maybe, just maybe, I please Him to a greater extent when I’m more like Grayson.

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