Patrick Day


Thursday, September 24th, 2015


My four-year-old granddaughter came home sick Tuesday afternoon, and my son (her father) called Nana (my wife) to ask if she could come down to Northfield (a 90-minute drive) so Alice could recuperate at home.

Diane had returned home late Monday from a trip to North Dakota and had all sorts of catching up to do, but she dropped everything and left for Northfield Tuesday evening.

Isn’t that what Jesus is asking of all of us? When He calls, He wants us to drop everything and do what He wants done.

2 Responses to “ALICE CAME HOME SICK”

  1. Jerry Demski Says:

    Our first step to do His will will be the hardest and the most rewarding. Giving our will to Him will be comforting and blessed. May we be encouraged to do it.

  2. Anne Pace Says:

    We are all so grateful to Diane-and you, Pat, for being so readily available to jump in and care for Alice in times like this. You two are truly a blessing to them. And yes, Jesus asks this of us, but as loving grandparents/parents it is a natural ( and God given ) response to devote time and energy in service to our family. I really am so happy and relieved to know that my daughter and her family have you to depend on.

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