Patrick Day


Tuesday, October 20th, 2015


I’m a Gideon, and it was my turn to be at the Wright County Jail last Sunday for a Bible study. In the past few months, we’ve had up to fourteen prisoners come in at a time to hear about Jesus. One of two Gideons assigned for the day usually has a lesson prepared, but we’re open to the guidance of the Holy Spirit as to whether we follow it or not.

This Sunday, only two inmates showed up, which is usually a sign to me that God has something specific in mind. One was a Christian and the other wasn’t. I asked the non-believer why he had come, and he said it was like a voice in his head told him to. Then he admitted his life was a mess and maybe we could offer something to help him.

Well, we sure had something to offer him – Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord. Or should I rather say the Holy Spirit had an offer for him he couldn’t refuse, and we were merely His instruments.

O, what glory there was in that room when the young man came to Christ and became a new creation! What a blessing it is for me to see God at work in even the most hopeless cases! When all else is lost, including freedom, Jesus saves.

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  1. Bob Farquhar Says:

    Very encouraging & positive report. Keep up the good work!

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