Patrick Day


Tuesday, October 27th, 2015


In the last blog I said I’d tell you today what I could have done to keep Jesus in mind at the golf outing last week. I have changed my mind. I’m not a paragon of Christianity, and to use myself as a shining example would be presumptuous at best and foolhardy at worst. Oh, there are things I have done and could have done and would have done, but I’m still too much of a work in progress to set myself up as a model.

Let me tell you instead of what Frank Laubach related in one of my favorite books: Letters by a Modern Mystic, written in 1937.
Just to pray inwardly for everybody one meets, and to keep on all day without stopping, even when doing other work of every kind.
This simple practice requires only a gentle pressure of the will, not more than a person can exert easily. It grows easier as the habit becomes fixed.
Yet it transforms life into heaven. Everybody takes on a new richness, and all the world seems tinted with glory. I do not of course know what others think of me, but the joy which I have within cannot be described.

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  1. Robert Farquhar Says:

    Nothing compares to the Peace & Joy I experience as I practice keeping a focus on Jesus and stay ‘prayerful’ through out my day.?

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