Patrick Day


Friday, November 13th, 2015


Taken from the book The Holy Spirit and Paul Chambers

The service began when a middle-aged man, a bit short and a bit plump, quietly stepped out from a side door, dressed in a simple white liturgical robe and gold stole. The buzz of conversation stopped the instant he appeared on the altar, and all eyes turned to him. He spoke in a soft voice and proceeded through the liturgy with great reverence. Hymns were sung and prayers were prayed, and then Pastor Lee stepped into the pulpit. The congregation was prepared to hear another inspirational sermon. The title was The Unter Melody (unter being the German word for under). I had been thinking about a golf game I’d played a couple days ago, but the Holy Spirit gave me a nudge I couldn’t ignore: “This sermon is for you.”

The pastor’s message was clear and uncomplicated, something a child of twelve could easily follow…or a man of 48. “Underneath the song of this world, filled with family, friends, food, jobs, and everyday events, plays the subtle melody of the Holy Spirit; and if we desire with all our heart to stay near Jesus, that melody should fill our mind, will, and emotions every waking hour.”

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