Patrick Day


Tuesday, December 1st, 2015


So that we may serve the living God.    – Hebrews 9:14

Who are any of us serving at any given time? That’s good question to ask yourself every now and again.

Who is Justin serving when he goes to an R-rated movie filled with wanton sex? Does he notice that Jesus walks away as he enters the theater?

Who is Carlos serving when he’s afraid to defend the honor of Jesus because the world would look at him crookedly?

Finally, who is Darla serving when she leaves a prestigious job she loves for one that will allow her to spend more time with her two sons who need a strong Christian presence in their home after her husband met an untimely death?

I call myself a Christ-follower, but when I ask myself if I’m serving Him as I go about my life, the answer is not always “yes.” I want to do better. We all want to do better I expect.

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