Patrick Day


Friday, December 4th, 2015


A young woman in my Wednesday night Bible study told us her fellow workers that day, knowing she was a Christian, asked why God allowed fourteen innocent people to lose their lives and many others to be wounded. She didn’t know what to say.

We spent time discussing how important it is to have an answer in any tragedy, illness, or death, when asked, “Where is God in this?”

This is a summary of that discussion. We live in a fallen world, from the time Adam and Eve, our original parents, committed the original sin in the Garden of Eden; and generation after generation has added to that fallenness. The untimely death of a devoted young Christian mother in a car accident, a hurricane that slams New Orleans, the massacre in San Bernardino – these are the things that happen in a fallen world that has steadily been separating itself from God and then wonders where He is. God has given us free will, and more and more people have used their free will for evil purposes, and people have been hurt by that evil, even killed.

What was God doing when two gunmen were spraying bullets in a reception area. I believe He was crying that His creation had fallen so low, as Jesus wept for the future destruction of Jerusalem. The real question to ask is not what God was doing but what we have been doing of late. Are we obedient followers who are helping advance His kingdom on earth or are we sitting on a fence in the distance watching it all go by? Pray for revival in the land, my friends. Pray for revival.

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