Patrick Day


Tuesday, December 22nd, 2015


Many people take an and approach to Christmas. I’m going to buy the perfect presents for everyone and I’m going to decorate the house and trees with thousands of lights, and I’m going to buy and beautify the largest tree that will fit in the family room and I’m going to bake hundreds of Christmas cookies and I’m going to host a Christmas feast no one will ever forget and I’m going to attend five Christmas socials and….

This year consider another conjunction and take an or approach to Christmas. I can do all the things above and fit Christ in as I can, or I can put Christ first and fit in the other things as I can. I can hear the trumpets of the world blast away, or I can hear the angels sing. I can let my busyness push out Jesus, or I can let Jesus crowd out my busyness. I can let the holidays catch my attention, or I can pay attention to Christ first.

How about you? Don’t let this Christmas be one of ands; make it a season of ors.

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