Patrick Day


Friday, January 15th, 2016


In the world of getting a book published, one’s platform is a critical ingredient; that is, what credentials do you have to offer your readers? For example, John Grisham is a lawyer who writes fiction about lawyers and has published more than thirty books. That gives him superb credibility.

The main ingredient to be a credible Christian is to have accepted Jesus Christ as your Savior and Lord at some point in your life. How that’s done varies greatly. It’s not a secret formula, nor is it necessarily an exact moment. It’s a point where one can say, “He’s the most important Person in my heart and soul because He loves me, died for my sins, and is the Lord of my life.” But that’s just the start.

How many books have you published about Him? I’m not speaking about actual books, of course. but about what you do for Him. Do you read about Him in Scripture on a daily basis? Do you worship Him in prayer and intercede for your family and friends? Are you generous with your time and money to His causes? Do you visit the sick and those in prison? Are you kind and merciful in His name? Are you poor in yourselves and rich to His kingdom? In short, do others look at you and say in their hearts, “There goes a credible Christian.” It’s not too late, friends, to publish many books dedicated to your Savior and Lord. Today would be a good day to start a new book.



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