Patrick Day


Friday, February 5th, 2016


One of God’s names is Jehovah Jireh, the Lord who provides. Less than three hours after my last post about my business email problems, He lived up to His name.

If you’ll remember, I was frustrated with all the empty promises and lack of action from the company that hosts my business account. After five different calls, all to India with tech people who were very polite but didn’t know what they were doing, I gave up calling. I posted a factual chronology of the results of my phone contacts  – no calls back and no working on the issue – on the company’s Facebook last Monday. I was purposefully not nasty. Someone from the company replied to the post with a promise they’d look into it. That was the day before the Lord directed me to turn the matter over to Him and He’d take care of it.

Just before noon on Tuesday, I received an unexpected call from Adam in Nebraska who said he understood the problem and could solve it. He had me change my password and said he would be able to work with the software engineers to resolve the issue in perhaps as little as two hours. He promised to call me back when it was fixed. When I hesitated and asked for his phone number, he said I could trust him. But why should I? That’s what all the others said. Then I remembered the Lord said He’d take care of the matter, so I trusted that Adam was the answer.

I didn’t receive a call in two hours, but I did receive a call from Adam by late afternoon. The issue was solved. I ran to my computer while he was on the phone. Sure enough, I was back in business. GOD PROVIDES.

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