Patrick Day


Friday, February 12th, 2016


My friend Jerry lives in Michigan and we talk weekly by phone. We were brought together by a book I wrote called Too Late in the Afternoon. Jerry had a spiritual awakening in 2010 and is no longer the same Christian he was before that. Among other traits brought about by the experience, he has become a prayer warrior.

The Holy Spirit planted a thought into my mind as I pleaded with Him one more time to help me pray continually. That was three weeks ago. Later that day, I acted on the thought. I talked to Jerry and asked if he would partner up with me and be my mentor in learning how to pray continually. Humbly, he agreed.

I assumed he would give me some “you really need to do this or that” kind of advice, but he didn’t then and hasn’t since. What he has done is tell me about his own prayer life, and from that my prayer life has become more durable.

One example from my partner in prayer: “My biggest challenge has been to be quiet and listen to what the Lord has to say to me. Every morning I ask Him what He has for me, and He never disappoints.”

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