Patrick Day


Friday, June 17th, 2016


I’ve written of Raphael before, who was dramatically saved at a Gideon jail presentation. He has now served one year of an eight-year sentence.

His cellmate, Carl, did not like all the Bible reading and praying Raphael did and harassed him cruelly about it. One evening in a common room watching TV, Carl pulled Raphael’s chair out from underneath him and challenged him to a fight. Raphael said he didn’t want to fight, but when Carl threw the first punch a battle began. Ten minutes later, Carl was thoroughly beaten and gave up.

After that, Carl respected Raphael and they became friends. A month later, Carl accepted Jesus into his heart. I laughed when Raphael told me that. “I think you beat Jesus into him,” I said. Raphael laughed also. “That’s exactly what I thought.” God works in strange and mysterious ways.

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  1. Steve W. Says:

    A disciple making disciples in a most unconventional way!
    Pat, thanks for sharing the joy with us.

  2. Carolyn Fox Says:

    Pat, I think my cousin, Gwen, would appreciate your posts. She would not mind if I give you her address. It’s

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