Patrick Day


Friday, July 22nd, 2016


Now I know why the young man I’ve been mentoring has not been in contact with me. He started using again and asked his sister to drive him to a treatment facility in Minneapolis to deal with his renewed drug use and his depression. He’ll be there for the foreseeable future and may be heading to jail again when he gets out. He stole some things to buy drugs, including some expensive stuff from his sister. I asked if she had given up on him. “No, but it’s been a hard last nine years with Tyler.”

I told her that Tyler’s only hope is in Jesus Christ, and she agreed with me. I also said he needs to be accountable to a Christian mentor, which would be me. She agreed. Pray with me that Tyler would grab onto the hem of Jesus’ garment and hold on for dear life. Pray that he will not do anything to harm himself. Pray that he will finally give up and let Christ take over his life.


  1. Anne Says:

    I have read your posts about this young man and have had concerns about his depression/suicidal thoughts. Is he on antidepressant meds? If not, he should be! Perhaps, if on meds, they need adjustment. I imagine some of his drug use is plain old “self medication” to feel better. Perhaps he began drugs to “feel better”, or after getting involved with drugs, his brain chemistry changed to cause the depression and set up the cycle of use/abuse of drugs. Addiction is a hard thing to overcome for the strongest of people. Christ may be his best chance at regaining hope and a sense of worth, but as you know, medication can assist in getting to a place that allows understanding of that perspective.

  2. Wanda Fingalson Says:

    Pat, I have appreciated hearing your updates on Tyler. He will continue to be in my thoughts and prayers. I have heard really good things about Teen Challenge. I wonder if that could help him at all. Wow! He has a double whammy ~ drug use and depression! I thank God every day that I am feeling so well. My psychiatrist is great, and I am only on one antidepressant now instead of three! I also have daily devotions and Bible reading every day. That has brought so much joy and peace to my life! Peace to you and Diane, Pat! Have a good day! Wanda

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