Patrick Day


Tuesday, August 2nd, 2016


I was passing out Bibles at the Wright County Fair last Sunday and was led by the Holy Spirit to talk to a young man whom a County Commissioner candidate told me was from Israel.

It turns out that Austin was not from Israel, but his parents had emigrated from there to Florida before he was born. His hang up was with a God who punishes good people – with a trip to hell –  who don’t accept His Son’s salvation. It is an old refrain. How could a loving God send anyone to hell?

But he missed the point. It’s not that God sends anyone to hell. They make that choice themselves through free choice. If they distance themselves from God in this life, they have made a decision to keep their distance from Him for all eternity.

I was not trying to convert Austin on the spot, only to plant some questions in his mind for the Holy Spirit to work on him. Besides, he was much smarter than I. He did not know that Jesus came for the express purpose of salvation and was open to find out for himself with a Bible I gave to him, telling him to read the gospel of John to find out exactly who Jesus was and why He came to earth. He said he would. Pray that the Holy Spirit will enlighten Austin through His Word in Scripture.

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