Patrick Day

Tuesday, August 16th, 2016


Tyler, the young man I have been mentoring, called me yesterday from his new residence for the next three months or so – New Hope Center in Minneapolis. I no longer think he may be merely an awakened soul. He has knowledge of God and the saving work of Jesus Christ that is way beyond his ability on his own to understand. He is, in my estimation, a bona fide born-again Christian.

As he says, “Amazing things are happening to me. God is showing Himself to me every day in new and powerful ways. I am grateful to Him. I no longer think about suicide but about the great future that He has prepared for me. I want to be a street minister at some point, if it is in His will. I realize how selfish I was with my addictions and wanting to kill myself, but I follow His will now and seek Him with all my heart.” On and on Tyler went about what Jesus Christ means to him.

Thank you for all your prayers on Tyler’s behalf. Prayer works. It has been a great blessing for me to see someone so hopeless become a man of God. I hope it has for you also. In Tyler’s own words, “God is amazing.”

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  1. Bill Day Says:

    Hallelujah! The Lord used you mightily to bring in one of His precious sheep. It has been inspiring to read this story of Tyler and how it has unfolded. I know that there is singing and dancing going on in Heaven!

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