Patrick Day


Friday, August 26th, 2016


Driving into Minneapolis last Monday, I prayed a wandering prayer.

“Oh Lord, all the cars on the road, all the people in the city, who am I on my own? Only an insignificant identity, nobody, unknown except by a few, of no significance or status, of no great value to the world, a lonely soul in a vast sea of humanity.

“BUT, as a servant of our Lord Jesus Christ and as a warrior in His mighty army, I have status,  have personality, have importance, have places to go and people to meet as His messenger. I am known by God, loved by Him, of great significance as I help advance His kingdom here on earth, unafraid, unlonely, not a me but a we (with more of Him and less of me). Thank You Jesus for Your presence within me. Amen.”

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