Patrick Day


Tuesday, September 13th, 2016


Sitting on a sofa in Northfield, Minnesota, waiting for a plummer to finish his work at my son’s house, before I head back home to Buffalo.

May peace be with you as you carry out God’s special purpose in your life today. What that is, I don’t know; and you most likely don’t know either. But God knows; and if you bend your will to His, you will realize at the end of the day how He advanced His kingdom through you.

Live for Him each and every day, through the power of the Holy Spirit, and you will not be disappointed.

2 Responses to “A SPECIAL PURPOSE”

  1. Karl Mercer Says:

    Hello Pat, you might not know me, but I believe you do…I am a good friend of Jerry Demski….I will be reading your email tonight at Michael’s Men Meeting…I have something for you ….Fr. Jim Thoman wrote it a few days before he our Lord.
    Loving God, help us surrender our Will to you,this day and every day in complete
    and loving trust…Free us from anxiety over the past and fear of the future. Accept
    our Gratitude this day for the gift of life you have given so generously to us…Guide us in our struggles so that we may bear witness to the living hope
    found in you….Bless me, O Lord and each of us, for in you we have nothing to fear and everything to anticipate with joy….
    Have a blessed week…..Jerry’s friend Karl

  2. melody33 Says:

    Karl, Jerry has talked about you. Thank you for the honor or reading today’s post to Michael’s Men. I like the message from Fr. Jim. It speaks to surrender and accepting all that God has for us. If we do that, we can’t go wrong.

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