Patrick Day


Saturday, October 8th, 2016


Well, if you read yesterday’s blog, you’ll know that the Lord led me to pass out a Bible to a student, yet to be identified, in a parking lot of a community college on the outskirts of Minneapolis.

I had the Bible in my back pocket (it’s what we Gideons call a Personal Witness New Testament with Proverbs and Psalms). I was the only one walking across the parking lot and feeling that perhaps I had not heard the Lord clearly or that the nudge came from the recesses of my own mind. But just as I was about to step up on a sidewalk, there was Carmel just stepping into the parking lot (God provides). I told he if she could direct me to the president’s office, I had a gift for her. She told me the way and I handed her the Bible. She looked hesitatingly for an instant, as if she were going to refuse the¬†gift, and then gently took it from my hand. I told her to read chapters 14-16 in the gospel of John to find out who Jesus really was, from His own lips. She nodded her head and walked off. Please pray for Carmel that the Word of the Lord will bring her comfort and a purpose in life that she did not have before we met.

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