Patrick Day


Tuesday, October 18th, 2016


I drove through a shadow world early yesterday morning on my way from Buffalo, MN to St. Cloud, a distance of 40 miles. Cars on the road looked like ghosts showing two dim lanterns, the trees and buildings off the highway barely visible in the shadowy mist.

Friends, even on a bright day this world is but a shadowland of the heavenly world to come, as C.S. Lewis described in The Last Battle.

My uncle, Msgr. Thomas Hendrickson, understood the shadowland as he peacefully drifted from life to death over the last two years of his life, slowly chewed up by the cancer within him. During this time, I saw him as having one foot solidly in heaven and the other loosely set in the terrain of this earth. That’s not a bad place for any of us to be.

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