Patrick Day


Tuesday, October 25th, 2016


The young man that I’m mentoring – I can’t call him a former prisoner any longer for he has been freed through Christ – is teaching me as much as I’m teaching him. Here is an excerpt from our conversation last Saturday.

Tyler: “I want to tell you about something that’s making a difference in my life. It’s called ‘God’s Pocket.’ Here’s how it works. Women can carry a small coin purse in their big purse and men can have a separate slot in their wallets to place $20 or $50 or whatever amount the Spirit leads them to put in it. Then you wait for a divine appointment to give the money away to someone whom the Holy Spirit nudges you to give it to.”

Tyler told me about a shabbily dressed woman in a grocery line who was telling another shopper about her hardly being able to buy groceries because she needed the money for  a warm jacket for her son who had an affliction that made him overly susceptible to cold. A man overheard that conversation and gave her the $150 he had in his God’s Pocket. The grateful woman told the man she had prayed that very morning for the Lord to somehow arrange it so she could purchase a coat she had found in a clothing store. The exact cost of it was $150.

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