Patrick Day


Friday, October 28th, 2016


I visited Tyler at a Christian transition house in South Minneapolis. For two hours he told me what Jesus has been doing in his life through the power of the Holy Spirit.  I mainly listened.  If you’ll remember, this is the guy who was addicted to drugs and alcohol starting when he was fourteen and had been in and out of seven treatment centers and tried to commit suicide five times.

Though Tyler has only been a Christian for three months, he speaks like a mature believer who has been studying the Word for ten years and has maybe been involved in some type of ministry during that time. What would be illogical in the natural world can only be explained by the working of the Holy Spirit. He told me he had been offered a job starting next January, working in a hospital to mentor young men going through mental health and addiction issues, the very hospital he himself  had been a patient in. “I am really blessed,” he said.

And I said to myself, “I am truly blessed to have seen this amazing spiritual transformation.”

2 Responses to “TWO HOURS OF JESUS”

  1. Travis Says:

    And I think to myself, “I am strengthened in hearing about it”. Giving testimony (of personal transformation and observance in others) is important, it reminds (or awakens) us all as to how alive and busy working the Spirit is, which adds purpose for us, and brings glory to Him.

    So, let’s keep sharing our stories with many others!

  2. Robert Farquhar Says:

    WOW. One more current example of God’s GRACE & MERCY! PTL!

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