Patrick Day


Wednesday, January 18th, 2017


I was standing in front of a jewelry store in Cabo San Lucas, with several Spanish New Testaments in my pocket, ready to give them away as the Spirit led me. My wife was inside looking around. I was silently praying that she didn’t find anything.

Four feet away from me was a man in his 30’s who was hustling tourists in the street to come into the store for a special sale on diamonds. He was very slick in his presentation. I had no inclination to hand him a Bible until the Holy Spirit prompted me to do so. I asked him in Spanish if he wanted a free Bible in his own language.

In fluent English, he asked, “Are you offering me a free Bible?”

I said, “Si.”

His eyes moistened as he told me his story. He had a young son named Allen who had recently been diagnosed with leukemia and had taken a turn for the worse yesterday. He told me he had looked up and asked in anguish, “Why this, God? And then you give me a Bible today. I feel blessed.” I think he meant that my handing him a Bible was a sign of grace to him.

I ask you to pray for Allen today and for his father that works so hard to earn money for his family. May God richly bless both of them.

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