Patrick Day


Friday, January 20th, 2017


I met a Mexican man named Lou on the upper deck of the Ruby Princess, our cruise ship.  He wanted to have a philosophical discussion on religion, a sharing of ideas so to speak. As he told me his beliefs, I found he was very confused as to what it meant to be a Christian. For him it was all about what he had to do, as if there were no reason for Jesus to have come to earth and be crucified.

Lou was a great talker, and it was hard for me to get in a word edgewise. Finally he stopped to take a drink of his Coca Cola and I grabbed my chance. “Lou,” I told him, for you it’s all I, I, I; you have more I’s/eyes than a potato. You need to step back and let Jesus do His work through you.” That stopped his monologue, and he asked me some questions about what I meant. I then shared with him the Gospel of Jesus dying on the cross for the sins of all mankind and being raised from the dead so we can have eternal life.

I gave him a card and suggested he buy Arm in Arm with the Holy Spirit on Amazon and he’ll find a systematic portrayal of what it means to be a real Christian. He said he would. Now what’s really amazing is that, on a ship with 3,000 passengers and 16 levels, I ran across Lou four more times in various places at various times. I told him it was no accident that we kept meeting, and he needed to take to heart what we had talked about.

Every time we’d meet, he’d repeat, “Yes, I believe it is no accident that we met at first and keep meeting. I have thought mucho about what you told me and will continue thinking about it.” That’s all I could ask for. The rest is not my business; that is, what the Holy Spirit will work out in him. My job is planting seeds that others will nurture.

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  1. Robert Farquhar Says:

    Very interesting story. Keep sharing the gospel. The Holy Spirit will do the rest. God bless your efforts!

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