Patrick Day


Friday, February 24th, 2017


Tyler, the young man I’m mentoring, has a history of quitting jobs, getting back into drugs and alcohol, and eventually standing on a railroad track waiting for a train to come by and wipe him out. So when he called yesterday to tell me he had quit his bike delivery job at a sandwich place in Minneapolis, I was apprehensive.

“Don’t worry, Pat,” he said as if he had read my mind, “this time I quit for a good reason.” When he started to recite Bible verses to support what he had done, I was relieved. He continued, “I had to leave because it was a bad environment for me. I have dedicated myself to be pure, and this was not the place for me to be.”

He proceeded to tell me he had seen the night manager openly buying a bag of marijuana right in the store, and the other delivery men kept going out the back door to smoke weed. In addition, prostitutes were propositioning him as he biked back to his transition house late at night.

As his mentor, I said, “Tyler, you did the right thing in quitting that job.”

He said, “Thanks, Pat, I was hoping you’d say that.”

When I clicked off the phone, I prayed, “Lord Jesus, thank you for bringing Tyler into my life so I can see the work you do in the lives of the lost, for Tyler once was lost, but now he’s found and safely tucked away in your kingdom here on earth.”

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