Patrick Day


Tuesday, March 28th, 2017


If you’ll remember, this past February 10 I gave a presentation on Staying Out of Jail at the Wright County Jail, using the book Arm in Arm with the Holy Spirit as a reference. I gave free copies of the book to all 31 inmates who showed up that night.

On March 5, I had a young man named Joe come up after our Sunday afternoon Gideon Bible study to ask if I’d be a member of his Christian friends network when he got out. I agreed to his request and visited him last Friday to hear his story and determine if and how I could help him.

Now for the rest of the story. It ends up he was one of the 31 who were there in February and received one of the free copies of my book. He wanted to hear more about how he could walk arm in arm with the Holy Spirit and how Jesus could help him stay out of jail. I have agreed to be a mentor for him (not just a Christian friend) if that’s what he wanted. He did, and I have another life-long connection into the life of a troubled young man who needs someone to help him be accountable as a follower of Christ. Isn’t God amazing?

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