Patrick Day


Friday, April 28th, 2017


Tyler has signed up for a nine-month Computer Support Specialist program at the Takoda Institute of Higher Education in Minneapolis. While going to school, he is able to stay at the New Hope Center, less than a mile away. In May, he will be graduating from the eight-month rehab program he has been in at New Hope, a first for him. He can stay there without paying rent while going to school.

So far he is doing well in school. He has a good knowledge about computers and is enthralled with what he is learning. I ask you to pray that Tyler completes this program. He has a history of starting things and then leaving them soon after. I’m talking mainly about jobs and rehab centers. But most of those were B.C. (Before Christ). He will have completed the rehab program, and it is very important for his confidence and well-being that he earns a degree at Takoda. Pray, pray, pray. He’s a young man (22) worth saving.

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  1. Gary Says:

    Amen. I will pray.

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