Patrick Day


Friday, May 26th, 2017


Remember I told you Tyler had a difficult time finishing what he started. The last thing he completed was high school, and that was by the skin of his teeth.

Yesterday, he became certified as a Peer Specialist with 100 % attendance and A’s in all his coursework. He aced his final test by correctly answering 48 of 50 questions. I am very proud of Tyler. He has become like a son to me.

Starting in 2018, he will be a counselor at Abbott Northwestern Hospital, in the same drug and alcohol treatment unit he himself was in a year ago. He’ll be interviewing for two part-time counselor jobs to take up his time before then.

In the past year, Tyler has gone from being lost to being found in Christ. He has a year of sobriety under his belt. He is on fire for the Lord. But his battle against the forces of evil continue, a carry-over from his time in a Satanic cult when he was in his teens. Though he’s a new person in Christ, Satan keeps nipping at his heels. And the old Tyler keeps trying to wrest control from the new Tyler. He’s still impetuous, still dealing with anger issues, and still foolish with money. In addition, he’s in spiritual warfare with an addiction issue other than drugs and alcohol. He’s starting to win most of the battles, but Satan has not given up on him yet. I ask you not to give up on him either. Pray, pray, pray for Tyler. You have the list before you of what to pray for.

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  1. Wanda Fingalson Says:

    Congratulations to Tyler! Good for him!! He will be on my prayer list.

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