Patrick Day


Friday, June 16th, 2017


I had a hard decision to make. I’ve been visiting Joe in the county jail for the past few months and promised I’d always be there for him. At first he was receptive to God’s word and direction in his life. A few weeks ago he changed. All of a sudden, it was all about Joe and how the justice system had failed him and how his public defender was inept and how the police had violated his rights when they broke into his department to stop him from hitting his girlfriend again. (She’s the mother of three of his children and one on the way.)

I compared notes with the chaplain at the jail and conferred with my trusted spiritual partner, Bob. They concurred with the decision I had come to. So two days ago I told Joe that I was not abandoning him but couldn’t help him until he submitted to God. He jumped up from the table, shook my hand, and said in an angry voice, “Pat, you’re being ridiculous!” With that, he bolted out the door and was led back to his cell. Pray for Joe. He’s a lost soul in need of finding.

3 Responses to “RIDICULOUS PAT”

  1. Steve Says:

    The last couple of days I was in meetings where we dug into Matthew 10:5-15 and Luke 10:1-11. It sounds as though Joe may no longer be a “man of peace,” and the peace you have offered him–he has now returned to you (Mt. 10:6).

  2. Steve Thorson Says:

    Good morning, Pat. I hope you are doing well! On the face of things, as from what you share here, it certainly seems as though Joe is in the wrong! I haven’t kept up with your writing at all but was for some reason, drawn to this today, maybe because of what happened in the Philandro Castile verdict, where, it seems to me (and I very well could be wrong), that the justice system probably failed in some way. So, here’s what I’m curious about: (A) Is this the same “Joe” you referred to on June 2? (B) Do you think Joe has any reason to complain about the justice system? I’ve worked some with men who have been incarcerated and it’s certainly a very difficult spot to be in! Peace to you in Jesus’ name.

  3. Patrick Day Says:

    Steve, yes this is the same Joe of June 2. He admitted to me that he was high on drugs and hit his girlfriend, but he is not taking responsibility for it. It’s everyone else’s fault. Also, he has broken the requirements of his probation and violated a restraining order. He’s not being framed or incarcerated unjustly. He claims the police had no right to come into his apartment and other people do worse than him and don’t get dealt with so harshly. But other people haven’t been arrested and put in jail some six or seven times. He’s looking for loopholes. If he were innocent, I’d be dealing with him differently. But he is guilty, guilty, guilty, and guilty. And it’s me, me, me, me. There is not submission in the young man. That’s his problem. He needs a slap up alongside the head by the Holy Spirit. Pray that that happens.

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