Patrick Day


Friday, July 14th, 2017


I gave my How to Stay Out of Jail presentation six times at the Sherburne County Jail this past Monday and Tuesday. This facility houses some of the toughest of the tough, including men awaiting deportation. The setting was so menacing that I had to wear a device that would send off an alarm if I were knocked at least forty-five degrees off vertical or laying on the floor.

Seventy-seven men and women signed up to hear me preach salvation and the power of the Holy Spirit to transform their lives. They were all meek as lambs and attentive to what the Lord had to say through me. I could see desperation in their faces as they arrived. They couldn’t help themselves from returning to jail three or four or even six times. They came to receive any kind of  hope, and they left with the hope that being handcuffed to Jesus would stop the cycle. I showed them that walking on their own path would never work. Only as they did an about face (converte in French) and walked on God’s path was there any hope. When I finished the talk and prayed for them, they came up one by one and shook my hand, blessing me in English, Spanish, and I’m not sure what other languages.

The response was so good those two days that I ran out of books (Arm in Arm with the Holy Spirit) to hand out. The program director liked the program so much that he wants me to return quarterly to do the same thing. Praise the Lord. Bless you who support this ministry through donations to purchase the books. I’m investing $1,000 of my own money to finance the free distribution of books. I welcome any of you to partner with me by sending a tax deductible donation to:
Buffalo Community Assembly of God Church (with a notation on the check of Jail Ministry Fund)
206 2nd Avenue NE
Buffalo, MN 55313


  1. Renae Says:

    I read your article in the Star Tribune this morning and it made me VERY SAD. My son is at Sherburne County jail and attended your presentation. He was very excited about the book and what was written in his. He became a Christian about 7 months ago after rebelling from God for 15 years.

    I do think that you were given a “show”, tho based on your written article in the Star Tribune. The police you talked about as far as being nice and having respect for the inmates, are not how they REALLY ARE. I am sure they wanted to make a good impression on you and were probably told by programs to be “really nice” to make you think they are really nice officers. My son has told me over and over how the C.O.’s are not nice, my son has put in 3 “requests” and all 3 have been ignored and not responded to. The are been multiple times when I have been talking to my son on the phone where the other inmates are screaming and yelling in the same room as the phones, and the C.O.’s do NOTHING to make the inmates be quiet. The “rule book” states that all inmates are suppose to be respectful of other inmates, but they are NOT, and the officers do nothing about it. I am really sorry, but what you stated in that article is NO WAY near what my son has told me. AND, I read him your article and he laughed. He said “I wish they were like that, but they are not”. I just wanted you to know as I am sure people thought…..”wow, Sherburne County is a really nice jail” and the inmates are treated really good.” BUT, from experience, I KNOW that is not the case. My son has been in there for a month and has put in 2 requests and 1 medical request all for the same thing and all three have been ignored. I sent an email to the State of MN regarding his request, and the “Captain” at Sherburne county told the inspector that my son has not made any requests or complaints (so they LIE also). I am heartbroken my son is in jail. But he is claiming his faith, studying the Bible, helps lead an inmate Bible study in there, and is trying to stay positive. But, the officers, C.O. and captians are not the people you wrote about. I am sure they knew you were coming and put on a great show for you.

    Thank you

  2. melody33 Says:

    I’m very sorry to hear about the treatment of your son. The two officers I wrote about had no idea who I was. I observed them from afar. I am very glad your son has become a Christian and is now safely tucked away in God’s kingdom. I’m also very glad he enjoyed the presentation, the book, and what I wrote in it. Thank you for the other side of the story from your son’s viewpoint. Will you please tell him from me that, although his stay in the jail is troublesome, yet God will never forsake or forget him. His life right now may not be pleasant, but he’s heading for another place one day when there will be no more tears of mistreatment. May God bless you and your family. Patrick Day

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