Patrick Day


Friday, August 11th, 2017


Last Monday afternoon, I sat in the Wright County Courthouse for two hours at Joe’s hearing, a young man I’m mentoring who resides in a county jail. You can read about that part of the story in the last blog. Today I want to make some general observations about my experience.

Seven men and women came before the judge during the time I waited.  I observed a subculture of society who live in a world of alcohol and drug abuse, angry confrontations that escalate into violence, domestic abuse, and theft. Two seemed to be contrite; the others were going through the motions, doing what they had to do and saying what they had to say not to go to jail. Some had done that before and were given probation; now they had violated the  probation. I shudder to think of the lives they must lead.

The hapless souls in this subculture lead lives of quiet desperation. They have come to the end of themselves and have been found wanting. I thought as I sat there that if there were ever people who needed to follow Jesus Christ and walk arm in arm with the Holy Spirit, these were the people.

Try sitting in a courtroom for a morning or afternoon session. It will be an eye-opener.

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