Patrick Day


Thursday, August 17th, 2017


The hand of the Lord was upon me yesterday as I delivered a message to 350 male and female residents at the main campus of Adult and Teen Challenge in Minneapolis. I had a script of what I wanted to cover, but on the way there from Buffalo, the Holy Spirit told me to go without notes and He’d give me what to say. He gave me some ideas during the hour drive and while waiting for chapel to start at 8 a.m. I paid heed to His thoughts, but wrote nothing down. It would be His power within me that gave the message, not the so-so talk I had planned.

And, Oh, what a message He delivered! There were three powerful praise and worship songs that started the service, and by the time I walked up on the stage, I was filled with the Spirit and eager to tell them the importance of walking arm and arm with the Holy Spirit for the rest of their lives. Only then would they be safe and able to break the cycle of drugs and crime.

I was humbled when more than 50 men and women came up to personally thank me for coming. They appreciated hearing about the power of the Holy Spirit and how He could influence their lives for the better. I would have loved to have talked with all 350 of them. The one sad note of the visit is that most of the residents wanted a copy of Arm in Arm with the Holy Spirit, but I only had the funding to bring 50 copies of the book along for their library. It’s the first time in my journeys that I did not have a copy of the book for everyone. If only I would have been able to bring at least 200 copies. I pray this will never happen again. It was hard to put on a happy face when I left.


  1. Anne Pace Says:

    Good for you, Pat! I know it was a rewarding experience for you and for many who heard you speak. What is the book you mentioned?

  2. Patrick Day Says:

    The name of the book is Arm in Arm with the Holy Spirit.

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