Patrick Day


Friday, September 1st, 2017


I like the King James Version of Luke 2:49: “I must be about my Father’s business.” That’s what Jesus said to Mary and Joseph when they finally found him after a long search in Jerusalem following the Feast of Passover.

As I’m sitting in my office chair and typing this message, I have before me ten things I need to accomplish today before going to bed. That’s my business – a busy agenda, a full day, much to do about nothing that pertains to the kingdom of heaven.

But what about my Father’s business? What would He have me do? That’s not so clear to me. I sit quietly and ask, “What do You have on Your agenda for me today?”

In the stillness of my mind comes a thought, not exact words mind you but a suggestion that I’ll put in my own words. “Call your friend Pastor Bruce who needs a word of encouragement today.” I suspect why he needs a word of encouragement but don’t know for sure.

Excuse me for ending this message. I need to call Pastor Bruce right now.

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