Patrick Day


Tuesday, September 19th, 2017

I gave three presentations at the Stearns County Jail, September 13. and handed out 59 copies of Arm in Arm with the Holy Spirit. There were two groups of men and one group of women. Also in attendance were five Gideon men and women that the program director invited, for which I was grateful. They  can follow up on the message I delivered that day and use the book for follow up in their work at the jail. Three staff members also attended.
The program director was very enthusiastic about the presentation, so much so that  he called the program directors at the Crow Wing Jail in Brainerd and the Anoka Jail right then and there and highly recommended they bring me in for the How to Stay Out of Jail message. He put me on the line and both said they wanted the ministry to come to their jail. Jeff has been in the system for 30 years and told me to call him if I need him to connect with any other county jails for me. I continue to be amazed at how God is working with this jail ministry. 
The ministry has not yet gotten into a state prison because of the heavy Christian programming already present in them, such as Prison Fellowship (the Chuck Colson started ministry). But God opened a door after the Stearns County presentation with a Gideon who goes to the St. Cloud Penitentiary on Sundays. He said I could go along with him one Sunday. I am humbled by all this. What I can’t do, God does; and I give Him all the credit. I’m only a tool in His toolbox.  

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