Patrick Day


Friday, October 6th, 2017


The Good: Kennis is one of the inmates I’m mentoring at the county jail. He’s a surrendered soul who’s waiting to get into Adult and Teen Challenge. I’m going to visit him today and am looking forward to it. Pray for him.

The Bad: Another inmate I’m mentoring, Aaron, called me last week as I was walking the streets in Clinton, Iowa, with friends on the way to Branson. He’s in Stillwater and having a very hard time with other prisoners there who don’t like that he’s a Christ-follower. They’re picking on him mercilessly. I didn’t have much time for him in Clinton and asked him to call me back when I returned from Branson. That hasn’t happened yet. Pray for him.

The Ugly: I am no longer able to mentor Joe, the one who called me Ridiculous Pat for telling him he needed to stop being so centered on Joe, Joe, Joe, and start turning to God. He got tossed out of  the rehab facility in St. Paul because of his aggressive behavior and now is in lockdown at the county jail awaiting his next hearing, which I don’t think will go well for him. The judge before had given him one last chance, and had emphasize “the one last.” He’ll most likely be heading to prison for two years. The program director at the jail and I still pray for him to surrender to God’s plan for his life. You could do the same. He needs a lot of prayer to break down the barriers to God in  his life that have been fortified with layers of concrete.

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