Patrick Day


Tuesday, October 31st, 2017


Tyler is the young man I’m mentoring who met the real Jesus a year and a half ago and is now drug free, has a good job, and has matured in his Christian faith. He’s the most passionate Christ follower of the inmates I have been blessed to be associated with.

But the consequences of his burglaries to obtain money for meth and alcohol back when have a monetary impact on his life now. He’s currently paying restitution for the robberies and for court costs assigned to him. That takes a significant amount out of his checks.

Tyler called me yesterday and told me his car has breathed it’s last and is sitting in a parking lot in Maple Grove. Tyler lives in a small town near Willmar, Minnesota. He has a company truck to get to work and home but can’t use it for personal use. For Tyler, personal use is about giving back to the Lord. He missed a testimony he was scheduled for at Metro Hope Ministries in Minneapolis last night, the place where he stayed for 14 months. He’s unable to get to the three churches in the metro area that he’s involved with. He can’t travel to visit with his Christian network of friends, including other mentors like me. And he’s unable to go out for street ministry with a church in St. Louis Park.

In short, Tyler needs a car, but with his court costs, he’s unable to get one. And he does not have a good enough credit rating to get a loan or payment schedule or lease a car. Maybe in a few months, but not right now.  My purpose in writing about Tyler’s case is not to ask any of you for donations to buy Tyler a car. He said to me yesterday, “What am I going to do, Pat? I can make payments but can’t put money down.” He’s located some possibilities but everyone wants something down. One person said he’d hold the car for Tyler until he saved enough for a down payment, but that would take months. He needs to stay active in his Christian life now.

Here’s what I said to Tyler. “Let’s put God to the test with getting you a car.” I’ll write a blog for you tomorrow morning and you can post something on your Facebook.” Maybe someone will know someone who has a car they have no use for and will give it to you or let you pay on it monthly without a down payment. He’s taken care of you so far. I expect He will do so in this situation.”

So there’s the matter. Do you know someone who may know someone who knows someone…you get the drift. God has a car out there with Tyler’s name on it. It’s just a matter of finding it. Let me know if you know of anything:

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