Patrick Day


Tuesday, December 26th, 2017


I was on the phone several times with Tyler yesterday and once this morning. A friend of his from back in high school called him to announce he had downed a bottle of pills with a pint of whiskey and wanted to say goodbye. Tyler talked to Dan about Jesus and getting into rehab at Metro Hope (the Christian facility where Tyler was a resident for 14 months). Dan suddenly decided he didn’t want to die, and Tyler told him to purge his stomach by throwing up, but he was unable to do so. That’s when Tyler called me.

I told Tyler to find out where Dan was staying (he was homeless and lived with various friends) and then call the police. Dan was barely able to answer the phone and mumbled an address to a persistent Tyler, who then called the police. It was nip and tuck for them to get there and haul Dan to a hospital in time to have his stomach pumped. Tyler, in the meantime, was in constant contact with the police.

Dan will be in a mental ward in lockdown for the next 72 hours. When he is released, Tyler will try to convince him to go to Metro Hope for a year or so, offering to bring him there and visit him every so often. This morning, he texted Dan to write his phone number on his hand, in case they take away his phone, and call him before he’s released, so Tyler can come pick him up.

I am in awe this morning with how God intervened in this whole affair to save Dan’s life through Tyler, with me as a spectator and minor participant to it all. Dan is alive today because of Tyler. Praise God!

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