Patrick Day


Friday, January 5th, 2018


A few years back, I was having breakfast with Myron, the person who led me to Christ back in 1982 and who continues to mentor me in my Christian faith. He explained to me then that his motivation for being involved in the lives of others is to advance the kingdom of God here on earth.

“Jesus made Himself available to me, and I make myself available to others, in His name.”

Those words started me on my path of being available to others for the same reason – men in jail and out of jail and one in Adult and Teen Challenge, those suffering from depression, and a few struggling with life’s challenges. Not all at once, mind you, but some six men at the present time.

I’m not telling you my story to garner any accolades but to encourage you to jump onto this path that Myron showed me. It’s His kingdom work he’s calling you to. Make yourself available, in His name.


  1. Steve Says:

    Pat, we truly are kindred spirits! Your post today is what I will be speaking in tomorrow at the men’s breakfast!

  2. Myron Sahlberg Says:

    I think it is accurate to say that you mentor me as well with your faithful life in Christ. Thank you for that Pat.

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