Patrick Day


Friday, January 19th, 2018


I’m using a new book this year when I visit county jails and drug rehab facilities. Right on the front cover is a quote from Tyler (but under the name of Carl Anthony Raines). You can find out more about this book on the following LINK.

“When I’m with God, good things happen. When I’m not with God, bad things happen. It’s that simple.”

In God’s perfect timing, just at this point while¬† writing this post, Tyler called me to check in and ask me to pray for his sister and fiance who are having a falling out. I told him what I had written so far, and his response was breathtaking. He has a friend who was in the Wright County Jail for a week, just after my presentation to 45 inmates this last January 12. Though he didn’t make the meeting, I had left an additional five copies of the book for those who wanted one but weren’t able to make it that night for one reason or another. He got one of them and told Tyler about it, mentioning that the three-page story of Carl Anthony Raines sounded just like him.

When Tyler said that he himself was Carl Anthony Raines and that the story sounded just like him because Dan and Tyler had done some of the same stuff together. Dan said, “No way.” Then Tyler told him the quote on the front of the book was also his. It seems this book is being passed around the Wright County Jail and has become a hot commodity. Praise God. He is behind this jail ministry in ways I could never have imagined. And bless Tyler for his faithfulness. He would like some copies of the book that he could talk about and hand out to people who needed it. Who would have thought it?



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