Patrick Day


Tuesday, February 27th, 2018

The school shooting in Florida has become the latest incidence that divides this country of ours. And prayers are prayed to the Lord above.

On one side of the great divide, we hear this prayer: “Lord, smooth the way so that gun laws can be passed to protect the children throughout this land.”

On the other side, we hear another earnest prayer: “Please keep in place the gun laws already on the books so we can protect ourselves and our children.”

In places here and there, in Florida and Minnesota, in New York and California, in quiet times with God, away from the clamor of politics and nasty social media posts, comes the prayer that God can honor. “Oh, Lord God, You who are our Father and You who are our Messiah, and You who are the Spirit that guides us, we don’t want You to take sides in the debate on gun control. We want You to take over this land and bring men and women to their knees in repentance over what this country has become. Then, and only then, show us what to do to advance Your Kingdom here and now. May Your will be done on earth, not our will.”

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