Patrick Day


Friday, March 2nd, 2018

Tyler has his eyes set on bringing salvation to his old school chum Eric, who has been in and out of jail for the past year and is best friends with John Barleycorn (look that up on Google).  One night, in a drunken stupor,  Eric jumped out of a moving car, hit his head on the pavement, and was five days in a coma, three of which were spent on life support.

During that time unconscious, Eric had a vision of burning in hell, along with his family whom he could see there as well (they are still alive). He has recovered from the fall, by the grace of God, and has gone twice now with Tyler to Celebrate Recovery meetings. As Tyler, told me yesterday, Eric now knows the story of salvation and has no excuse not to surrender. And no excuse not to tell his family about Jesus Christ. “God is zeroing in on Eric,” Tyler said with a laugh; “he doesn’t have a chance.”

Tyler, the young man who had been addicted to drugs and alcohol since the age of thirteen, who accepted me as a mentor to stand alongside him, is now standing alongside Eric as his mentor. Tyler also has his eyes set on two other old schoolyard friends, Dan and Dillon, both addicted to drugs and alcohol, and they are starting to listen to him. “I guess I’m kind of a leader to these guys,” Tyler said as we ended the conversation.


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